Astronomy in Africa Business Meeting

25-26 March 2019,
South African Astronomical Observatory,
Cape Town, South Africa



(click on specific title for slides or access them all in this folder)


Day 0 Sunday 24th March 2019 Speaker  
10:00 to 17:00 Optional event: Space and Astronomy Day Facilitated by Ramasamy Venugopal  
18:00 Networking Braai (aka nyama choma, shisa nyama, churrasco, t’ibisi, barbecue, etc)    
Day 1 Monday 25th March 2019 Speaker Ref
08:30 Registration    
09:00 Welcome from Department of Science and Technology and South Africa’s offer of support for AfAS Takalani Nemaungani  
09:15 Welcome from National Research Foundation Yunus Manjoo  
09:20 Brief introductions All participants  
09:30 Background and context – setting the scene Kevin Govender 01
09:35 2024 – A Unique Opportunity for Africa Vanessa McBride 02
09:50 SAAO and SALT – world class optical facilities for Astronomy in Africa Petri Vaisanen 03
10:00 SARAO and MeerKAT – world class radio facilities for Astronomy in Africa Fernando Camilo 04
10:10 Development in astronomy and space science in Africa Mirjana Povic 05
10:20 The National Astrophysics and Space Science Programme Sarah Blyth 06
10:25 Message from the European Astronomical Society Johan Knapen (by video) 07
10:30 Panel: Astronomy in Africa

(Panelists from leading astronomy facilities in Northern, Eastern, Western and Southern Africa)


Somaya Saad; Paul Baki; Ramotholo Sefako; Bonaventure Okere;



11:00 Break    
  Lightning talks (5 minutes, 2 slides, optional poster on display)    
11:30 Development in Africa with Radio Astronomy (DARA) Habatwa Mweene 08
11:35 Astronomy is Key to Development Lerothodi Leeuw  
11:40 What we expect from the new African Initiative for Planetary and Space Science? Zouhair Benkhaldoun 14
11:45 Ghana Dish Conversion and its relevance Dickson Adomako  
11:50 The South African Gamma-Ray Astronomy Programme Markus Boettcher  
11:55 HIRAX Amanda Weltman  
12:00 The Africa Millimetre Telescope : The vital link in imaging our Galaxy’s supermassive black hole Rhodri Evans  
12:05 Pan African University – Space Science Takalani Nemaungani  
12:10 Tanzania – Getting on the African Astronomy Train Noorali Jiwaji  
12:15 Astronomy in Zambia – Recent Developments Patrick Sibanda  
12:20 Developing Astronomy in Madagascar: Potential role of the Malagasy Astronomy & Space Science Association Zara Randriamanakoto  
12:25 DOPPLER – a tool for research and capacity building in Mozambique Valerio Ribeiro 13
12:30 Astronomy Contribution for the Development of Mozambique Cláudio Moisés Paulo  
12:35 Space Lab at Copperbelt University Ng’andwe Mumba  
12:40 Outreaching for Upliftment and Progress Jamal Mimouni 16
12:45 Astronomy as a tool to create STEM awareness in Nigeria Olayinka Fagbemiro  
12:50 IAU100 Name the Exoplanets Contest Prospery Simpemba 17
12:55 STEM education at the Planetarium Sarah Abotsi-Masters  
13:00 The Travelling Telescope Susan M Owen  
13:05 Low cost “Critical mass” Development James Chibueze  
13:10 SAYARI Astrotourism Carringtone Kinyanjui  
13:15 Lunch    
14:15 Actions/Expectations for AfAS (delegates to prepare and submit in advance) Facilitated by Kevin Govender  
15:00 Message from the IAU President Ewine van Dishoeck  
15:15 Break    
15:30 AfAS Constitution

–          Lessons from Physics

–          Discussion: text of constitution (participants to submit suggested changes in advance – reflect on text and discussions overnight)


Brian Masara

Facilitated by Kevin Govender


10, 11

16:30 End of Day 1    
19:00 Official Dinner at the Bungalow    
Day 2 Tuesday 26th March 2019 Facilitated by Kevin Govender  
09:00 AfAS Constitution (continued from Day 1 – finalisation of text)    
10:00 Legal status of AfAS

–          Existing registration in Ghana

–          Future registration/way forward


Sarah Abotsi-Masters



10:30 Coffee break, with SAAO and SARAO staff invited to join Petri Vaisanen  
11:30 AfAS Secretariat

–          Requirements (resources, expectations)

–          Location



Takalani Nemaungani

12:00 Election of officers    
13:00 Lunch    
14:00 Time reserved for any matters that may require more discussion time.    
15:15 Break    
15:30 Summary and Way forward    
16:30 End of meeting (with time for networking and optional SAAO tour until dinner)    
18:00 Dinner at venue (SAAO Auditorium)