Below are selected extracts of the overwhelmingly positive feedback received from participants. There were very few suggestions or criticisms of the meeting, but those few were all very constructive, positively received, and submitted to the new Executive Committee of AfAS to help shape the way forward:

“The giant in us has just been unleashed and together, we’d take Astronomy in Africa to the next level! It’s a new dawn for Astronomy in Africa! Thanks again for the opportunity to be a part of this new song!”
                                                                                                                        — Olayinka Fagbemiro (Nigeria)

“There is a sense of excitement in the community, as the dawn of new possibilities in the field have emerged. In the eyes of governments, Astronomy is no longer a backwater ivory tower science. Astronomy means highly trained, incredibly dynamic individuals, just the kind of people Africa needs. The field is attracting Africa’s most intelligent young people. The universe is open for business!”
                                 — Carringtone Kinyanjui (Kenya)…. read his full blog about the meeting here

“Coming from a country with virtually non-existent astronomy, I felt desolate and isolated as I approached the meeting, and this was to change, once I was part of the meeting, for, I felt not only wholly included as an individual, but as a country and continent in the ensuring subtle and vibrant professional atmosphere prevailing throughout the meeting. In all probity, I feel deep inside that a new baby has been reborn and the African skies are gleaming with anxiety for the new Afro-observers.”
                                                                                       — Golden Gadzirayi Nyambuya (NUST, Zimbabwe)

“A star has risen that day at Cape Town. Let us all help it shine.
Setting up a roadmap for African astronomers in openness, candor but rigor.”
                                                                                                                               — Jamal Mimouni (Algeria)

“I am really confident that, this time, this young and energetic executive will make AfAS a reality and connect the growing African astronomical community to the rest of the world.”
                                                                                                                   — Claude Carignan (South Africa)

“From me, there is no word for such a very good meeting. It was fantastic in all angles. There is a good future for astronomy in Africa and AfAs will play a very good role.”
                                                                                                                         — Claudio Paulo (Mozambique)

“AfAS: For Africa, hand in hand, Let’s build bridges between African astrophysicists together ”
                                                                                                                   — Zouhair Benkhaldoun (Morocco)

“ The re-birth of the African Astronomical Society in Cape Town is timeous in line with the unprecedented growth of astronomy in Africa in recent years and South Africa is ready to support this initiative for the development of this field in partnership with the global community “’
— Takalani Nemaungani (Acting Chief Director: Astronomy, Department of Science and Technology, South Africa)

“For me personally this was the best meeting of this kind… Seeing such a diverse group working together in harmony has shown me the power of one-mindedness. It showed me that if Africans can come together to discuss important issues having one mind and one purpose, verily there will be great transformation. … Initially I was afraid and skeptical about raising my opinions as a student – I bet many students had this problem also. But at this meeting, the platform was free that our opinions still mattered, in fact, our position did not seem to matter. For this, I know there is hope.” 
                                                                                 —  Lerato Sebokolodi (South African studying in USA)

“To me last week’s meeting was a truly important moment of the future of Astronomy in Africa. First of all I found the meeting well organised, well structured to achieve a specific end (very successfully achieved). The fact that the society was formally created and all important roles within the society filled with talented individuals was to me an omen of a successful future. The atmosphere was very positive and one could feel that overall the goal for everyone was the same. I like a lot the fact that the young generation is taking this opportunities in their hands and I am sure they will make a difference. The future is theirs and they are entitled to see a successful road ahead, designed and built by them. Thumbs up for Africa and a wish that the global community will embrace and provide all the necessary support to AfAS”
                     — Rosa Doran (Portuguese Language Office of Astronomy for Development, Portugal)

                                                                                                                                — Noorali Jiwaji (Tanzania)

“Retrospect the past and rejuvenate the present African Astronomical Society in Unison”
                  — Alemiye Mamo (East Africa Regional Office of Astronomy for Development, Ethiopia)

“Make Africa a scientific continent.”
                              — Elimboto Yohana (Tanzanian studying in South Africa)

“The collaboration of nationals from different represented countries only goes to show that Astronomy and AfAS can be the wheels through which Africa can forge a united front to contribute value globally.”
                                                                             — Samuel Twum (Ghanaian studying in South Africa)

“It was great pleasure to be part of the relaunching of AfAS. I saw commitment, dedication, energy and togetherness to take Astronomy forward in Africa. The real work has started now.
In Cape Town we planted the seed of AfAS, so let us put our hands together, work hard, nurture it so that we can see the fruits of AfAS!” 
                                           — Getachew Mekonnen Mengistie (Ethiopian postdoc in South Africa)

“Thanks to the DST and OAD for the time and excellent meeting for the revival of AfAS. The long awaited time for Africa finally came with the rebirth of AfAS. This is time for us to showcase the talents and beauty of Africa to the world in regard to Astronomy, given that Africa is well position for the advancement of Astronomy, and the beautiful dark sky. United Africa, forward we move.”
                                                                                                                     — Edward Jurua (Uganda) 

“The rebirth of AfAS marks an important milestone in the readiness of the African astronomy community to host the 2024 IAU GA.”
                                                 — Zara Randriamanakoto (Madagascan postdoc in South Africa)